Non profit organisations

Covalence uses its ethical quotation system to offer reputation analysis and monitoring to non profit organisations: international organisations, governments, non governmental organisations (NGOs).

Our services allow such customers to strengthen and deepen their knowledge of corporate issues, stakes and actors as well as to increase their capacity to deal in an efficient and constructive manner with the corporate sector.

Covalence services help non profit organisations to:

  • Convince multinationals to modify their policies and to act even more ethically
  • Review current and potential corporate interlocutors
  • Collect positive case studies and diffuse good corporate practices
  • Target and improve their awareness and promotional campaigns
  • Favour, develop and promote partnerships with corporate actors
  • Identify critical or inactive business actors that need to be addressed
  • Measure the evolutionary pattern and latest changes of corporate practices on selected issues
  • Favour the diffusion of their instruments, policies and guideline

Non profit organisations may be interested in this service:

Covalence Ethical Snapshots are monthly profiles of companies for finance professionals who use extra-financial information in their decision-making. The Ethical Snapshots are available as part of services offered by Covalence. More…

Upon request, Covalence will submit a proposal for customized research, data, or reputation monitoring, or partnership brokering services.

Please contact us for more information.