Investment Managers

Covalence has developed solutions for finance professionals willing to integrate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria into their investment decisions and products. The EthicalQuote reputation index can serve several sustainable investment strategies: Best-in-class Selection, Norms-based screens, ESG integration, Thematic sustainable investing.

The standard ESG ratings provided by Covalence are available in our monthly updated ESG Snapshots, one pagers showing the ranking results across sectors and within sectors, ESG ratings, EthicalQuote curve compared to share price, as well as the performance in each of the 7 dimensions and the most active criteria over the last months.

To know more about the underlying data, our clients can access the ESG News Monitor, a fully interactive platform providing real-time access to thousands of curated ESG news, allowing to dig and navigate the news to get quick insight of what makes and breaks a company’s reputation.

Why should investment managers work with Covalence EthicalQuote?

  • To integrate ESG reputation analysis in the selection and monitoring of their holdings
  • To control the ESG exposure of their holdings
  • To rely on a pragmatic and dynamic ESG reputation scoring system
  • To engage in innovative sustainable investing

Covalence EthicalQuote scoring system covers a universe of 3400 among the world’s largest capitalizations, as well as the components of the Swiss Performance Index. We expand this universe of analysis on a regular basis, following major indices as well as our clients’ needs.

If you’re interested in the services offered by Covalence to investment managers, please contact our managing partner Antoine Mach.