Covalence helps companies know, understand and monitor their ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) reputation. We offer reputation ranking, research and monitoring services to mid and large companies, be they or not already included in our universe of analysis (3400 companies worldwide).

  • Ranking

Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking Service allows corporations to monitor their ESG reputation, to benchmark against peers and to communicate internally and externally. More…

  • Reputation Research

Covalence Company Reports help companies understand what makes their ESG reputation: the main controversies and issues and the way their sustainability initiatives and credentials are relayed across the media.. More…

  • ESG News Monitor

This fully interactive web page provides real-time access to thousands of curated ESG news, allowing users to dig and navigate the news to get quick insight of what shapes reputation. More…

Thirteen years of experience in screening, extracting and analysing ESG information allow us to provide insightful reputation analysis and benchmarking to the following departments: Communications, Public / External Affairs, Investor Relations, Global Reputation Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability.

If you’re interested in the services offered by Covalence to corporates, please contact our managing partner Antoine Mach.