BBGI-EthicalQuote Swiss Equities Indices

The ESG expertise of Covalence and the financial knowledge of the BBGI Group have been combined to create the BBGI-EthicalQuote Indices, the first group of ethical indices in Swiss equities. Professional and private investors can follow the BBGI-EthicalQuote Indices within a management mandate attributed to the BBGI Group.

These innovative indices reweigh the Swiss Market Index (SMI) and the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) through an inclusive ethical approach and a principle of diversification of investments which generates a superior yield. These three indices represent the 20, 40 and 60 of the country’s largest market capitalizations and their composition depends on an optimization between financial and extra financial criteria.

From 1999, the composite annual performance of these indices has shown to be superior to those of the SMI and SPI. This performance is +3.77% for the BBGI-EthicalQuote 20 index, +5.77% for the BBGI-EthicalQuote 40 and +5.81% for the BBGI-EthicalQuote 60 index. In the same time frame the SMI shed 2.01% and the SPI stagnated at +0.52%.

Clearly demonstrated by a simulation of a historic 11 year period, the out-performance of the BBGI-EthicalQuote indices emanates from financial and ethical factors. Financially, the construction of the indices based on market capitalization groups allows for an optimal diversification which proves to be beneficial yield-wise. Ethically, a good grading is an indicator of the quality of management, the strategic vision, the risk management and the brand positioning, all elements favorably perceived and valued by the markets which have been factored in the construction of the indices.

The three BBGI-EthicalQuote indices aim to satisfy investors on a financial, as much as on an extra-financial level. They feature better ethical grades than the SMI and SPI indices in all criteria groups (Governance, Commitments, and Engagement; Economic; Environmental; Labor Practices and Decent Work; Human Rights; Society; Product Responsibility).


Daily historical performances: 20 Index | 40 Index | 60 Index

Monthly historical performances since 1999

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Annualized performance and volatility

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For detailed information regarding the BBGI-EthicalQuote investment concept, please contact the BBGI Group.