Ethical SnapshotsCovalence EthicalQuote Ranking Service enables corporations to monitor their ESG reputation, to benchmark against peers and to communicate internally and externally. It helps understand and follow the balance between positive and negative news, compliments and criticisms, that are naming a company.

The main feature of this Ranking Service are monthly updated Ethical Snapshots, one pagers showing the ranking results across sectors and within sectors, ESG ratings, EthicalQuote curve compared to share price, as well as the performance in each of the 7 dimensions (Governance, Commitments, and Engagement; Economic; Environmental; Labor Practices and Decent Work; Human Rights; Society; Product Responsibility) and the most active criteria over the last months.

The Ranking Service also provides additional graphic material on a quarterly basis: EthicalQuote charts showing how the ESG reputation of your company and peers evolves in time.

An annual subscription to the ranking service includes a license to communicate internally and externally about the ranking results.

Over the last years more than 50 among the world’s major brands have been using our services:

If you’re interested in Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking Service, please contact our managing partner Antoine Mach.