ESG News Review 7 – 13 September 2013

16 09 2013

Yahoo! was the most praised company last week, as it published a first aggregate summary of U.S. governmental information requests. Together with Google, Microsoft and Facebook, the company filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for the right to reveal the numbers of national security-related requests they receive. Nissan also received mostly positive reviews as […]

ESG News Review 13 — 20 July 2013

22 07 2013

GlaxoSmithKline continued to be the most criticized company last week, as Chinese officials pursued their investigation into the suspected “economic crimes” of executives, including bribery. This affair occupies a large portion of the summer media space. On the other hand, Microsoft was the most praised company for calling on President Obama and the U.S. Congress […]

Better Safe than Sorry – Corporate executives should build global opportunities by advancing human rights

28 02 2011

Public revolt in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere makes it clear that many yearn for rights and liberties. But states are not the only institutions obligated to respect human rights. Companies also have human rights responsibilities and can be complicit in violating human rights. For example, during the first days of protests in Cairo, telecom […]

Freedom of Expression and Access to Information Technology

7 05 2009

Mary Robinson, founder and president stated, “I welcome the collaborative approach that the Global Network Initiative is taking to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy. This new initiative provides a practical framework for business, human rights groups, the investment community, and academia to work together to advance fundamental human rights principles.” She also […]

Yahoo! Supports Every Human Has Rights Campaign

20 11 2008

In keeping with the company’s goal of advancing human rights around the world, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced it is helping to promote the Every Human Has Rights Campaign, inspired by The Elders and run by partner organizations around the world. The Every Human Has Rights Campaign is gathering global public support for the tenets […]

Big tech companies back global plan to shield online speech

28 10 2008

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and a group of human rights and public interest organizations plan to introduce Wednesday a global code of conduct that they say will better protect online free speech and privacy against government intrusion. The principles are the starting point for a new effort, called the Global Network Initiative, which commits the […]

Internet firms agree to ‘code of conduct’ in China

11 08 2008

Just days before the Olympic torch will reach Beijing, Internet leaders Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft say they are close to an agreement on a code of conduct for doing business in China and other countries that censor the Internet.Sen. Dick Durbin on Monday released separate letters from the companies, stating they have “reached agreement on […]

Cisco Systems document cites China censorship goal

20 05 2008

A Senate subcommittee on Tuesday is expected to question a Cisco Systems Inc. executive about an internal 2002 document that includes a reference to censoring “hostiles” in describing the Chinese government’s technology position and goals. Representatives from Cisco, Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. are expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary’s human rights subcommittee, which […]

Yahoo to aid Chinese dissidents

28 03 2008

Yahoo Inc., under fire from civil-rights groups for its indirect role in human rights abuses in China, is answering critics by setting up a fund to give victims of government censorship legal and other assistance. The webco has been charged with complicity in the jailing and torture of Chinese dissidents, and this week was criticized […]

Yahoo pleads for Chinese dissidents

22 02 2008

Yahoo Inc. has urged Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to help secure the release of Chinese dissidents, including two who were jailed after the Web portal gave authorities information about their online activities. Jerry Yang, the Sunnyvale company’s chief executive, sent a letter to Rice Thursday in what is his latest effort to restore Yahoo’s […]