ESG News Review 4 — 10 January 2014

13 01 2014

The Automobile industry ranked first in our 2013 review (see this exclusive for GreenBiz). The trend seems to continue in 2014. Toyota was among the most praised companies last week, as it announced that it plans to start selling electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2015. Ford presented the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, […]

ESG News Review 14 – 20 September 2013

23 09 2013

JPMorgan Chase was the most criticized company last week, as it has agreed to pay about $920m in penalties to US and UK regulators for “unsafe and unsound practices” including last year’s “London whale” trading losses and dissimulations. Shell also received a large amount of negative comments after Nigeria’s Bodo community rejected its compensation offer […]

Pharma Reputations: Managing Perceptions

14 08 2012

Geneva-based Covalence, a company that markets the information system, EthicalQuote, has observed that pharma is not keeping pace with other industries in terms of the overall balance of global good and bad news coverage in four broad ethical areas: labour standards, waste management, product social utility and human rights policy. “The pharma industry is losing […]

Private and Public Partners Unite to Combat 10 Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2020

30 01 2012

Today, 13 pharmaceutical companies, the U.S., U.K. and U.A.E governments, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank and other global health organisations announced a new, coordinated push to accelerate progress toward eliminating or controlling 10 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by the end of the decade. Uniting efforts with NTD-endemic countries, partners pledged to […]

Pledge of $150m to fight neglected diseases

14 10 2010

Six pharmaceutical companies and several governments have pledged more than $150m in medicines and funding over five years to tackle some of the most neglected diseases. The debilitating illnesses — including leprosy, lymphatic filariasis and sleeping sickness — affect 1bn of the world’s poorest people, place a burden on health services, stunt children’s education and […]

World Business and Development Award winners: Fighting poverty can benefit business

21 09 2010

Ten companies were recognized today at this year’s World Business and Development Awards (WBDA) for their efforts in improving the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. The winning companies are engaged in diverse initiatives such as providing low-income housing in Mexico; assisting farmers in Sierra Leone integrate into sorghum value chains, and […]

Appel à  clarifier les prélà¨vements d’organes sur des prisonniers en Chine

16 08 2010

Amnesty International Suisse veut un code de conduite pour les entreprises actives dans la transplantation d’organes en Chine, un pays qui utilise des condamnés à  mort. Novartis répond favorablement. Roche se tait. Ils seront plus de 4000 experts à  participer dès dimanche à  Vancouver au 23e congrès interna­tional de la Société de transplantation: médecins, chirurgiens, […]

Companies call for ‘credible’ climate action

23 09 2009

A group of 500 global businesses, including dozens of Australian corporations, have called for “credible” action on climate change. The publication of the so-called Copenhagen Communique comes two months before the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in December, amid fears the meeting will fail to put in place an agreement to effectively cut the […]

Novartis rejects call for vaccine donations

12 06 2009

Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceuticals group, defied the World Health Organisation and some of its corporate peers by ruling out a donation to the poor of vaccines to counter the latest flu pandemic, and saying developing nations or donor nations should cover the costs. Daniel Vasella, Novartis chief executive, told the Financial Times that he would […]

Parachutes dorés : le Medef et l’Afep veulent une France exemplaire

6 10 2008

Le Medef a horreur des décisions de circonstance mais, cette fois, la pression politique est telle qu’il n’a plus le choix. Moins de deux ans après avoir émis des recommandations sur la rémunération des dirigeants, suite aux affaires Forgeard (EADS) et Zacharias (Vinci), l’organisation présidée par Laurence Parisot dévoile ce matin un « code de […]