Shenzhen wage hike causes supply chain jitters

28 08 2012

Chinese tech hub and boom town Shenzhen is set to increase the minimum wage of workers there by 13.3 per cent in early 2013, causing a few sweaty palms in the technology supply chain. Shenzhen and the wider Pearl River Delta area in southern China is one of the most concentrated technology manufacturing hubs in […]

Phone firm takes tough stance on ‘conflict minerals’

21 02 2012

Nokia recently raised its voice on the issue of conflict minerals by publishing a policy that spells out its stand. The Finnish phone maker joins other consumer electronics companies in the corporate responsibility of avoiding conflict minerals in their supply chain. “We are concerned about the link between illegal extraction and trade in natural resources, […]

Nokia Siemens Networks Sued for Selling Spy Kit to Iran

17 08 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks is facing a lawsuit over allegations that it sold equipment to Iran that was subsequently used by the government to monitor opposition activists. Iranian journalist and activist, Isa Saharkhiz and his son, Mehdi Saharkhiz have filled the lawsuit in a U.S. Federal Court against Nokia Siemens Networks and its parent companies Siemens […]

Sharing technology to save the planet

1 11 2009

The refrain of a popular children’s song –‘‘the morewe get together the happier we’ll be’’ – may sound like a simplistic formula for solving the complex challenges of climate change and sustainability. But if any area is ripe for collaboration, it’s ‘‘green’’ innovation. ‘‘We all want to save the planet, and the problems are bigger […]

Kenya: Travailler par sms

10 09 2009

Les nouvelles technologies créent des formes inédites de travail. La Société Txteagle en collaboration avec Nokia, a lancé au Kenya une initiative novatrice : des milliers de détenteurs des téléphones portables habitant dans les quartiers pauvres du pays, gagnent de petites sommes en participant à  des travaux de traduction. Chacun d’eux reà§oit par sms une […]

Les entreprises américaines et européennes coresponsables de la censure d’Internet

23 06 2009

Reporters sans frontières insiste sur la nécessité d’adopter une législation permettant aux entreprises Internet américaines et européennes implantées dans des pays répressifs d’échapper aux mesures qui leur sont imposées par les gouvernements locaux. En Iran, le gouvernement utilise les systèmes occidentaux de technologies, notamment Nokia et Siemens, pour filtrer le Web et intercepter les échanges […]

Multinationals take an axe to jobs

28 01 2009

Forced leave, wage reductions, hiring freezes and shorter hours simply did not do enough. A year into this recession, companies across the board are resorting to mass job cuts. Home Depot, Caterpillar, Sprint Nextel and at least eight other companies announced on Monday they would cut more than 75,000 jobs in the US and around […]

Innovation Fuels Techs’ Reputation Despite Corruption Scandals – Covalence Technology Hardware Industry Report 2008

11 11 2008

Innovative green and social products greatly contribute to the ethical reputation of technology hardware companies, while labour, legal, institutional and production-related challenges are rising, states a report published today by Geneva-based research firm Covalence — Covalence Technology Hardware Industry Report 2008. In Covalence cross-sectors EthicalQuote ranking Technology Hardware recently lost the 1st rank against Automobiles […]

Nokia Cell Phone Made of Sustainably Harvested Wood

10 10 2008

If there’s one thing I hate about modern gadgets, it’s all the plastic. I’ve long looked back at wooden electronics wishing you could still find up-to-date versions of the sophisticated designs. Plus, there’s the fact that so many plastic gadgets contain toxic materials, and all that plastic ends up getting thrown away. Well, Nokia might […]

Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics: Nokia Leads the Pack, Nintendo Falls Flat

16 09 2008

It’s that time of year again–Greenpeace has released the 9th edition of The Guide to Greener Electronics. The guide scores companies based on a set of criteria for chemicals, e-waste, and energy. This year, Nokia regained its first place crown with a rating of 7 out of 10 points. The company performed well in a […]