ESG News Review 18 — 24 January 2014

27 01 2014

Boeing was among the most praised companies last week as it announced a partnership with Abu Dhabi’s state-owned carrier Etihad Airways and French energy firm Total to develop biofuels. Boeing, with other members of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, has identified a commercially viable “green diesel” that emits 50% less carbon dioxide than conventional […]

ESG News Review 11 — 17 January 2014

20 01 2014

Alstom appeared among the most praised companies last week, as it announced it would cease engaging sales consultants to ensure it “conducts business in a responsible way and strives to achieve the highest ethical standards”. Alstom is also calling for a target of more than 30% of renewable energy sourced in Europe by 2030. Hewlett-Packard […]

ESG News Review 15-21 June 2013

24 06 2013

Ford has been praised for cutting production emissions by 37% per vehicle since 2000, while HSBC (and Standard Chartered) officers have been caught in a Cobrapost sting operation, offering to launder money. This weekly review is produced using the EthicalQuote reputation index run by Covalence, which tracks 2800 companies worldwide. It gives a summary of […]

Clashes as thousands of Cambodians protest Nike factory work conditions

4 06 2013

Hundreds of police intervened after around 4,000 striking staff at Nike’s factory in the Cambodian capital clashed with colleagues, who continued working. This comes after the factory’s management refused to raise monthly salaries by US$12. Police said that at least 11 officers and eight workers were injured during the brawl in Phnom Penh. The strikers […]

“Ruggie Rules” detail corporate behavior abroad

7 04 2013

Of all the challenges posed by globalization, regulating abusive corporate practices has long been particularly difficult. From Asian sweatshops supplying brands like Nike and Apple, to the oil giant Shell polluting and abetting violence in Nigeria, recent decades have been rife with tales of multinationals harming communities in which they operate — usually in low-income, […]

Nike investigates Indonesian suppliers for labor violations

15 01 2013

US sporting goods giant Nike said it was investigating claims by labour activists that its manufacturers in Indonesia were trying to evade paying its workers the minimum wage. “Nike takes these claims seriously and company representatives are investigating the claims,” global corporate communications director Greg Rossiter told AFP. Nike’s code of conduct is “very clear”, […]

Can US business rise to Obama’s climate change challenge?

8 11 2012

A little bit of sanity has returned to the US. With the presidency safely back in his grasp, Barack Obama finally felt able to mention what has been the elephant in the room during the entire election campaign: climate change. And how important a single sentence can be. As Obama said in his acceptance speech: […]

Rio+20: Coke, Unilever, Other Giants Lead Natural Capital Initiative; Plus a Summit Business News Roundup

18 06 2012

The Coca-Cola Company, Dow Chemical and Duke Energy are among 24 major companies that have agreed to develop a methodology to assign value to the world’s forests, freshwater and marine systems. The Corporate Eco Forum and The Nature Conservancy are leading the Valuing Natural Capital initiative, announced at the United Nations’ Rio+20 Earth Summit. Committed […]

Nike, Random Hacks of Kindness Celebrate the ‘Making of Making’

30 05 2012

Once a company synonymous with overseas sweatshops and cheap labor, Nike wasn’t exactly what anyone would consider a model of environmental sustainability. In a PR move, the brand is making a move to change that reputation, starting the Nike Open Challenge for Sustainable Materials. In partnership with Random Hacks of Kindness, an organization of developers […]

Business playing key role in drive for gay marriage

22 03 2012

Gay marriage wouldn’t have passed in the Washington state Legislature this year without Gov. Chris Gregoire’s decision to reverse course and push for it. Legislators’ personal pleas to colleagues, as epitomized by Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh’s passionate floor speech about her desire to throw her daughter a wedding someday, also played a major role. The […]