Australia’s First Legal Attack on Monsanto for GM Contamination of Organically Certified Crops

1 02 2011

Over the Christmas and New Year, whilst people on the east and south of Australia were suffering floods and their consequences, one farmer, much further west, discovered a far more insidious flood was occurring on his property. He is also reeling from the consequences. Steve Marsh is the farmer of an organic certified property near […]

Monsanto primé pour son lobbying intensif

16 12 2009

Salve d’applaudissements au Klimaforum, l’espace alternatif du sommet de Copenhague, ce 15 décembre : la multinationale états-unienne Monsanto, spécialisée dans les pesticides et les OGM, se voit remettre le prix du pire lobbying climatique à  Copenhague, prix poétiquement dénommé la Sirène en colère. Huit candidats avaient été retenus par les organisateurs, des ONG environnementales. La […]

L’expansion des cultures de coton transgénique fait débat

19 05 2009

Le Burkina Faso compte étendre ses cultures de coton transgénique pour la saison 2009-2010. L’annonce inquiète certaines ONG, qui craignent notamment que les agriculteurs deviennent dépendants du producteur de semences Monsanto. Le Burkina Faso compte ensemencer en 2009-2010 plus de 100. 000 hectares de coton transgénique, dans l’espoir d’augmenter la productivité et les revenus des […]

U.S.-African Partnership Developing Drought-Tolerant Maize

26 01 2009

Biotechnology is a key component of a public-private partnership that could save millions of lives by developing drought-tolerant maize for small-scale farming operations in sub-Saharan Africa. More than 300 million Africans depend on maize as their main food source. The partnership – known as Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) – was formed because crop […]

Monsanto communications initiative highlights the need for sustainable approaches to agriculture

22 09 2008

ST. LOUIS, Miss. – Monsanto has launched a multifaceted communications initiative to raise awareness of the agricultural challenges facing the planet, including a need to double food production by 2050. The effort builds on the company’s pledge to work with other businesses, citizen groups and governments on needed changes to meet growing food production demand […]

Monsanto launches anti-child labour project in Gujarat

11 08 2008

Monsanto, a global agricultural products company, has successfully implemented anti-child labour programmes in Gujarat, said a top company official here Thursday.“We have pledged over Rs.110 million for the programme from 2006 till date,” Monsanto India senior manager-public affairs Christopher Samuel told reporters.According to him, with awareness campaigns and incentive/disincentive programme, Monsanto is educating farmers to […]

Biotech giants demand a high price for saving the planet

8 06 2008

Giant biotech companies are privatising the world’s protection against climate change by filing hundreds of monopoly patents on genes that help crops resist it, a new investigation has concluded. The study — by the authoritative Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group), based in Ottawa, Canada — has found that nine firms have […]

Chemicals Feed Hopes and Fears – Covalence Chemical Industry Report 2007 – Press Release

12 03 2008

Without their products chemical companies would be praised as ethical leaders. Chemical products are a space for complex and emotional debates where it is hard to register reputation gains. Companies rather manage to do so at the levels of working conditions, impact of production and institutional impact, states a report published today by Geneva-based ethical […]

Child bondage continues in Indian cotton supply chain

25 09 2007

More than 416.000 children under the age of 18, of which almost 225.000 younger than 14, are involved in (often bonded) child labour in India’s cottonseed fields. Most of them are girls. They work in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Compared to the 2003-2004 harvest season the total number of […]

Quelle crédibilité pour les « rapports de soutenabilité » ? L’exemple des déclarations du président de Monsanto � l’épreuve des faits

11 02 2007

C’est en commenà§ant de travailler à  Covalence que j’ai découvert les communément dénommés « rapports de soutenabilité » (« sustainability reports ») établis chaque année par les multinationales. Devant dorénavant compter avec un éveil civique susceptible de miner leurs projets parfois mal intentionnés, les multinationales ont trouvé la parade à  travers ces rapports annuels. A […]