L’Oréal Says It Will Phase Out The Use Of Plastic Microbeads In Its Beauty Products

13 02 2014

Earlier this week New York State Attorney General Eric. T Schneiderman and other lawmakers proposed a ban on plastic microbeads in personal hygiene products, saying the beads can end up polluting our waterways, and urged companies to join the fight. L’Oréal says it’s been keeping an eye on the research as well, and will now […]

L’Oréal announces its new sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing Beauty With All”

10 10 2013

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal, announced today the new commitment L’Oréal has made to transform by 2020 the sustainability footprint of the company while achieving its business ambition. Achieving growth sustainably. L’Oréal’s ambition is to win 1 billion new consumers by means of its universalization strategy which aims to answer all the diverse […]

Garnier Expands Commitment to Sustainability Turning Non-Recyclable Waste into Something Beautiful

12 06 2013

Garnier, a subsidiary of L’Oreal, USA, in partnership with TerraCycle® and GrowNYC, announced today the ground-breaking of the Garnier Green Garden — the first community garden made from non-recyclable post-consumer beauty waste. The announcement is part of a long-term goal for Garnier to find greener, more sustainable solutions for beauty care products.On June 14, hundreds […]

Unilever and L’Oréal lead in increasing climate transparency

5 12 2012

Despite an uptick in business activity — which might be expected to result in higher emissions — some of the world’s top-earning companies are managing to reduce their carbon footprints, according to a new report. Five of the six highest-ranked companies — Unilever, UPS, Nike, Levi Strauss and L’Oreal — showed year-over-year revenue growth from […]

CRJP Asks WWF-UK to Withdraw ‘Deeper Luxury’ Report

7 12 2007

The Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices (CRJP) took issue with a recent report published by WWF-UK (read) titled Deeper Luxury. CRJP’s CEO Michael Rae distributed a letter to the group and other NGOs, CRJP members, and the media stating the WWF-UK and its publisher “deserve the strongest condemnation for the completely undeserved and unwarranted criticism” […]

Deeper Luxury by WWF…What are you made of?

5 12 2007

Les marques de luxes peuvent-elles àªtre «éthiques» ? Le respect de l’environnement (production, protection de la faune et de la flore), le comportement social de certaines maisons de luxe ont été passés aux cribles. Le rapport de la WWF (UK), écrit par Bendell and Kleanthous, est édifiant. Les meilleures notes atteignent péniblement le « C+ […]

Tod’s e Bulgari i cattivi del lusso

30 11 2007

Tod’s ultimo, Bulgari penultimo. Non fanno una bella figura, i marchi del lusso italiano, nella classifica dei «ricchi ma buoni» redatta dal Rapporto del Wwf inglese pubblicato ieri. Il Rapporto, intitolato «Deeper luxury», passa al microscopio i dieci maggiori brand mondiali del lusso, per vagliare il tasso della loro eticità . E’ un esercizio abbbastanza diffuso […]

Luxury brands unconcerned ?

30 11 2007

An article on the entitled “Luxury brands fails to make ethical grade” relates a report issued by the UK branch of WWF that Luxury brands do not really care about corporate social responsibility, ethics and the environment. The report, based on data collected from the Ethical Investment Research Service and the Swiss based Covalence […]

Les célébrités vont-elles responsabiliser l’industrie du luxe ?

30 11 2007

« Stars du cinéma et de la mode, faites attention à  l’éthique des marques auxquelles vous associez votre image ! » Cet appel du WWF-UK, publié jeudi dans son rapport Deeper Luxury, est abondamment relayé par la presse anglophone (Financial Times, The Guardian, Times Online, Reuters, …). Le degré de détails avec lequel le Financial […]

Luxury brands fail to make ethical grade

29 11 2007

Some of the world’s biggest luxury conglomerates have failed to make the grade in a ranking of ethical and environmental performance. A report released today by the WWF, the conservation group, entitled “Deeper Luxury”, gives Bulgari and Tod’s, the Italian jewellery and accessory companies, a grade F for their “environmental, social and governance performance and […]