L’ONU s’allie au privé pour éradiquer la malnutrition en Asie

19 06 2011

L’ONU lance en Indonésie et au Bangladesh un programme inédit pour éradiquer la malnutrition enfantine en faisant appel à  la puissance financière et l’expertise de géants de l’agro-alimentaire, comme Unilever et Kraft. « Il s’agit de faire preuve d’efficacité. Nous obtenons de meilleurs résultats quand les secteurs privés et publics joignent leurs forces », affirme Nancy Roman, […]

Food companies on quest for the next generation of healthy

21 03 2011

For decades, packaged-food companies have been reducing fat and calories in their products. More recently the industry undertook a broad-based effort to eliminate trans fats, and even high-fructose corn syrup. But today, big food is at a crossroads. The companies that introduced products such as Doritos, Miracle Whip, Butterfinger and the venti caramel Frappuccino now […]

Kraft to cut salt levels in many products

18 03 2010

Kraft Foods Inc. plans to reduce sodium by an average of 10 percent over the next two years for North American brands, including Oscar Mayer and Velveeta.Kraft’s move follows similar efforts by Campbell Soup Co. and ConAgra Foods Inc. Susan Davison, a spokeswoman for Kraft, said the company will cut salt levels in more than […]

Kraft to honour Fairtrade commitments

27 01 2010

It may or may not be a match made in heaven but the acquisition of Cadbury by Kraft has already lit the blue touch paper over fears that the English company’s approach to CSR may not be shared by its new owner. Cadbury has long traded on its strong ethical code, and hit the headlines […]

Kraft takeover of Cadbury’s bad for ethics

16 09 2009

The proposed takeover of Cadbury’s by Kraft could be a setback for human rights campaigners according to Ethical Consumer magazine. Cadbury’s has recently adopted the Fairtrade standard across its high profile Dairy Milk chocolate range. Kraft foods has however hitched its wagon to the less stringent Rainforest Alliance ethical certification scheme, with some Kenco coffees […]

Covalence Food & Beverage Industry Report 2007

11 02 2008

The Food & Beverage industry is consolidating its ethical record thanks to labour and environmental initiatives, but it has to fight hard to demonstrate the social utility of its products, states a report published today by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence — Covalence Food & Beverage Industry Report 2007. The Food & Beverage industry […]

Big food companies accused of risking climate catastrophe

8 11 2007

The rush to palm oil and biofuels threatens to release 14 billion tonnes of carbon from Indonesia’s peatlands Many of the largest food and fuel companies risk climate change disaster by driving the demand for palm oil and biofuels grown on the world’s greatest peat deposits, a report will say today. Unilever, Cargill, Nestlé, Kraft, […]

Coffee companies aim to boost eco-friendly purchases

16 05 2007

Some 30 percent of the beans in Kraft’s Yuban coffee brand are the result sustainable growing techniques, the minimum percentage required for certification. « Our goal is to continue to try to grow the Yuban trademark, » said Gregory Nesmith, senior brand manager of Yuban coffee for Kraft. The brand, made from 100 percent Colombian beans, was […]