ESG News Review 6 – 12 September 2014

15 09 2014

BASF appeared among the most praised companies last week as it announced the development of a new process to systematically review and evaluate the sustainability aspects of the approximately 50,000 relevant product applications in the company’s portfolio. French groups Renault and Bolloré are joining forces to promote electric vehicles through industrial cooperation, the founding of […]

ESG News Review 4 — 10 January 2014

13 01 2014

The Automobile industry ranked first in our 2013 review (see this exclusive for GreenBiz). The trend seems to continue in 2014. Toyota was among the most praised companies last week, as it announced that it plans to start selling electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2015. Ford presented the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, […]

ESG News Review 30 November – 6 December 2013

9 12 2013

Vermilion Energy was among the most praised companies last week because they won  The 2013 Circular Economy Award for Industrial and Regional Ecology in France, an award that honors companies that reduce, recycle and reuse materials and resources throughout the production process. Honda has joined a experimental project that looks at the vehicle to grid […]

ESG News Review 29 June – 5 July 2013

8 07 2013

Last week The Coca-Cola Company has received positive media coverage for joining the Soft Drinks Sustainability Roadmap, an initiative aiming at reducing the environmental footprint of soft drink products. At the same time, Google was criticized by Oklahoma and Nebraska’s Attorney’s General for making money from YouTube ads promoting illegal drugs. This weekly review has been produced […]

Auto makers ranked by sustainability

8 11 2009

Experts from three European universities have unveiled findings showing some auto makers are wasting billions of euros worth of environmental and social resources. The researchers warn this could add unnecessary costs to the auto industry’s already heavy financial burden. (…) They concluded that General Motors, rated the worst, had a ‘sustainability value’ of minus EUR9.8 […]

Honda rolls out new zero-emmission car

16 06 2008

Honda’s new zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell car rolled off a Japanese production line Monday and is headed to Southern California, where Hollywood is already abuzz over the latest splash in green motoring. The FCX Clarity, which runs on hydrogen and electricity, emits only water vapor as exhaust and none of the noxious fumes believed to […]

Eco-friendly claims for ‘hybrid’ cars dismissed as gimmickry

19 05 2008

Cars promoted as eco-friendly were criticised yesterday for pumping out up to 56 per cent more carbon dioxide than the manufacturers claim. Three models, including the Honda Civic hybrid, performed so badly in tests that their environmental claims were dismissed as a gimmick. A further five vehicles, including Volkswagen’s Polo BlueMotion, hailed as Britain’s greenest […]

Towards Eco-Innovative Products

8 11 2007

Since I have started my internship at the Covalence I have come closer to different multinational companies (MC), their activities around the world. During the period of my work I came across with a lot of good and bad (ethical offers and ethical demands) activities of the MC. One would argue that it is not […]

Nissan Open Eco-Friendly Engineering Center

4 10 2007

Feeling the pressure of competition from the notably green automobile giants like Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen, Nissan is ramping up its sustainability efforts. Today’s official opening of Nissan’s new Engineering Center in Atsugi City, Japan is part of the automaker’s $90 million R&D Nissan Green Program 2010. In addition to working on hybrid technologies, engineers […]

Western cos launch greener products

18 09 2007

Many Western companies are waking up to the importance of going green. Boeing is one such company that has undergone an image makeover and gone green. The Boeing 787, which is scheduled to enter service in May 2008, is twenty per cent more fuel efficient than other mid-sized wide body aircraft. “The 787 will be […]