Better Safe than Sorry – Corporate executives should build global opportunities by advancing human rights

28 02 2011

Public revolt in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere makes it clear that many yearn for rights and liberties. But states are not the only institutions obligated to respect human rights. Companies also have human rights responsibilities and can be complicit in violating human rights. For example, during the first days of protests in Cairo, telecom […]

Oil groups distance themselves from BP

13 06 2010

The chief executives of the world’s biggest international oil companies will testify on Tuesday that the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico “was preventable’’, publicly distancing themselves for the first time from the UK company, the Financial Times has learnt. Executives from ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips will say that by following current […]

ExxonMobil to support women empowerment in remote areas

8 02 2010

ExxonMobil will sponsor a key component of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs-supported project ‘empower women who reside outside Doha”. The project targets girls between the ages of 15 and 20 at the secondary and university level as well as those girls who wish to work after completing their high schools. Ahmad Ahamd Alnasar, […]

Exxon vs Obama

2 04 2009

The biggest oil company in the world is also the most resistant to the shift to green energy. The White House seems determined to make Exxon Mobil’s life miserable. One afternoon earlier this year, Rex ­Tillerson, the chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp., and Barack Obama, then president-elect, laid out very different visions of […]

Applications for Business Excellence Awards Being Accepted

11 12 2008

The Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is inviting submissions for the 2009 Awards for Business Excellence, which will honor the unique and crucial contributions of companies implementing sophisticated, successful programs to fight disease. Winners of the Coalition’s awards have provided care and treatment for hundreds of thousands of employees, and reached millions […]

Victims of apartheid can sue multinationals

13 05 2008

Thousands of South Africans who suffered under apartheid won the right yesterday to sue a number of companies, including BP, Citigroup and Ford, for allegedly helping to perpetrate human rights abuses. The US Supreme Court ruled that three class actions can use the American legal system to sue approximately 50 international corporations who they believe […]

ExxonMobil Welcomes Transparency Initiative

13 05 2008

ExxonMobil today congratulated the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative on the launch of its Business Implementation Guide, an important step in the progress of transparency and good governance in natural resource development. “Revenue transparency and accountability in our industry’s relationships with host governments are critically important,” said Rich Kruger, president of ExxonMobil Production Company. “ExxonMobil supports […]

Saudi Aramco and ADNOC in the World’s Most Sustainable Oil Companies Report

8 04 2008

Spain-based management rating and research firm Management and Excellence (M&E) has recently released its 5th annual report titled “Most Sustainable Oil/Gas Companies 2008” that helps leading Oil companies benchmark against each other. This particular ranking, marketed with Oil & Gas Journal Online, measures oil/gas companies’ factual compliance with 400 accepted international standards in sustainability, ethics, […]

Drop biofuels target: oil firms

7 03 2008

Oil company giant BP said petrol and diesel could rise at least 7c a litre at the pump if new biofuel require ments came into force on July 1. Energy and Climate Change Minister David Parker admits introducing lower emission biofuels means there will be “unavoidable” costs for consumers – alongside other mounting consumer costs […]

ExxonMobil Program Fosters Growth and Development in Local Communities in Africa

13 11 2007

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) announced today it will host a workshop at the Corporate Council on Africa’s 2007 U.S.-Africa Business Summit to highlight its development of national employees and suppliers and strategic community investments in Africa. ExxonMobil is a corporate sponsor of the Nov. 14-16, 2007, summit at the Cape Town, South Africa, Convention Center […]