ESG News Review 6 — 12 July 2013

13 07 2013

GlaxoSmithKline has been the most criticized company last week, as some of its executives in China confessed to “bribery and tax violations”. Microsoft also received substantial negative coverage after The Guardian revealed the company “has collaborated closely with U.S. intelligence services to allow users’ communications to be intercepted”. On the positive side, The Coca-Cola Company […]

Ikea, Carrefour et Wal-Mart épinglés pour leurs relations avec un fournisseur turc

30 03 2009

Une ONG norvégienne accuse Ikea, Carrefour et Wal-Mart d’utiliser les services d’un fournisseur turc, Menderes Tekstil, o๠les conditions de travail sont, selon elle, “inacceptables”. Selon l’ONG Framtiden I Vaare Hender (FIVH, “L’avenir dans nos mains”), spécialisée dans les questions d’éthique et de climat, Menderes Tekstil, spécialiste du linge de maison, licencie ou menace de […]

Worker rights violations in Asia by giants retailers + Unilever’s disposable jobs in Pakistan

16 02 2009

Giant global discount retailers like Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Carrefour, and Walmart try to lure consumers into their shops with low, low prices. A man’s suit for £25 at Tesco, a woman’s dress for $9 at Walmart, or jeans for €8 at Carrefour. How do they do it? … … If you’re a worker in the […]

Former Laggard Wal-Mart Turns into Ethical Leader – Covalence Retail Industry Report 2008

11 12 2008

Laggards of the past often turn into leaders of the present. The case of Wal-Mart perfectly illustrates this paradoxical tendency, states a report published today by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence — Covalence Retail Industry Report 2008. A year ago Wal-Mart was still last in Covalence EthicalQuote ranking calculated for 27 companies in the […]

Les laissés pour compte de la filià¨re coton

9 03 2008

Des chartes éthiques de moins en mois respectées par les grandes marques d’habillement. Que contiennent les habits que nous portons ? Quelles histoires humaines sont tissées dans ces vàªtements ? Toutes les grandes marques de l’habillement ont mis en place des chartes éthiques, des codes de conduite qui bannissent en principe tout travail d’enfants, tout […]

Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart are leading the retail sector’s green agenda

8 11 2007

Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart are driving the ethical agenda for the retail sector, according to a report published by Covalence, a Switzerland-based company operating an ethical quotation system. The Covalence Retail Industry Report 2007 refers to Marks & Spencer as a “proactive leader, appearing in many positive news items.” Wal-Mart is said to be […]

Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart Drive the Retail Industry’s Eco-Agenda – Covalence Retail Industry Report 2007

6 11 2007

Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart drive the ethical agenda of Retailers, which has been dominated by environmental issues in 2006-2007, states a report released by Geneva-based ethical reputation research firm Covalence, Covalence Retail Industry Report 2007. Marks & Spencer is a proactive leader: it appears in many positive news items and maintains a remarkably low […]

Kenya : Les Fleurs, pourvoyeurs d’emplois et victimes du réchauffement climatique.

31 10 2007

Il y a péril en demeure pour les fleurs du Kenya, fragile paradis pour touristes et amateurs de safaris-photos, o๠les flamants roses pourraient un jour ne plus revenir au moment o๠les pays du Sud connaissent déjà  d’importants bouleversements climatiques. Pour produire des fleurs coupées qui partiront comme produit d’exportation vers l’Angleterre, la Suisse […]

Retail giants agree to fair sourcing plan

21 06 2007

By Robert Stockdill, FOODweek group editor, in Shanghai.The world’s biggest retailers have agreed to adopt a common standard for ensuring suppliers follow fair trade practices. At the annual CIES World Food Business Summit in Shanghai, chairman Roger Corbett, ex Woolworths Australia CEO, said member retailers had unanimously agreed to the drafting of a Global Social […]