ESG News Review 18 – 24 October 2014

27 10 2014

Neste Oil was among the most praised companies last week, as it said that its renewable NEXBTL diesel are among the quickest and most efficient way to reduce traffic-related emissions, following a decision by the European Council to add renewable traffic fuels to the Community’s energy and climate package; Neste Oil also announced it has […]

(English) Boeing, South African Airways Explore Ways for Farmers to Grow More Sustainable Biofuel Crops

6 03 2014

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(English) ESG News Review 18 — 24 January 2014

27 01 2014

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(English) ESG News Review 13 — 20 July 2013

22 07 2013

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Business playing key role in drive for gay marriage

22 03 2012

Gay marriage wouldn’t have passed in the Washington state Legislature this year without Gov. Chris Gregoire’s decision to reverse course and push for it. Legislators’ personal pleas to colleagues, as epitomized by Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh’s passionate floor speech about her desire to throw her daughter a wedding someday, also played a major role. The […]

Boeing named best company for diversity

27 04 2009

Boeing has been named the most preferred employer in a readership survey conducted by a career-guidance and recruitment magazine. In the latest survey, Equal Opportunity magazine randomly selected 1,000 of its readers and asked them to name the employers, in both the private and public sectors, for whom they would most like to work or […]

Coalition of visionary airlines and leading fuel technology innovator join world’s first global algae trade association to advocate for further development as sustainable fuel source

23 06 2008

Leading global air carriers Air New Zealand, Continental, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and biofuel technology developer UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, have announced they will be the first wave of aviation-related members to join the newly formed Algal Biomass Organization (ABO). Together with Boeing, which co-chairs the ABO, the airlines are advocating for the identification and […]

Norwegian ethics ruffle financial world

23 09 2007

Last year, the Church of Norway asked the Norwegian Government Pension Fund to consider divesting the fund’s holdings in Caterpillar Inc. The reason: Caterpillar was selling the Israeli army bulldozers that were being used against Palestinian civilians. Given the avalanche of negative publicity that swamped Wal-Mart last summer when the pension fund dumped its stock […]

Western cos launch greener products

18 09 2007

Many Western companies are waking up to the importance of going green. Boeing is one such company that has undergone an image makeover and gone green. The Boeing 787, which is scheduled to enter service in May 2008, is twenty per cent more fuel efficient than other mid-sized wide body aircraft. « The 787 will be […]