ESG News Review 27 September – 3 October 2014

6 10 2014

Ford was among the most praised companies last week as it announced the creation of 1000 jobs at its plant in Oakville, Canada. Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy Group said they have signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority for the 100 megawatt Belle River Wind project in Ontario, Canada. […]

ESG News Review 31 May – 6 June 2014

10 06 2014

Ford was among the most praised companies last week, as it unveiled its Lightweight Concept vehicle, which uses advanced materials to explore weight-reduction solutions that could improve performance and fuel efficiency while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Johnson Controls supports the inclusion of energy efficiency and distributed energy systems in the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean […]

ESG News Review 26 April – 2 May 2014

5 05 2014

Wal-Mart and General Mills were among the most praised companies last week as both companies announced a commitment to accelerate innovation in sustainable agriculture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in collaboration with Field to Market, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working across the agriculture supply chain to address the food demands of the rapidly growing […]

ESG News Review 22 — 28 March 2014

31 03 2014

Suez Environnement was among the most praised companies last week, as it announced it will build an incinerator near Shanghai to treat hazardous and medical waste that will generate steam and supply energy. SAP AG announced it will power all its data centers and facilities globally with 100% renewable electricity starting in 2014. Neste Oil […]

ESG News Review 31 August — 6 September 2013

9 09 2013

For the third week in a row Tokyo Electric Power Co. was the most criticized company, as a result of recent increases in radiation from the Fukushima plant. Wal-Mart also received  criticism after protesters calling for higher wages were arrested and union organizers allegedly fired. In other news, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua, […]

Tech Companies Issue Loud Call For Surveillance Transparency

18 07 2013

Apple, Google, Microsoft and a broad coalition of major tech companies are making a loud call for greater government disclosure of digital communications monitoring. In a letter out today, an alliance of 63 companies and groups are calling for dramatically increased transparency around U.S. government surveillance efforts. This comes as the companies – and individual […]

ESG News Review 6 — 12 July 2013

13 07 2013

GlaxoSmithKline has been the most criticized company last week, as some of its executives in China confessed to “bribery and tax violations”. Microsoft also received substantial negative coverage after The Guardian revealed the company “has collaborated closely with U.S. intelligence services to allow users’ communications to be intercepted”. On the positive side, The Coca-Cola Company […]

Apple Is Breaking Up with Foxconn for a New iPhone Builder with Labor Problems

29 05 2013

After reports that Foxconn wanted to get out of the Apple business, Apple has gone ahead and started getting out of the Foxconn business, dumping its partner in human rights crime for the production of the rumored cheap iPhone, reports The Wall Street Journal‘s Eva Dou. Due to increased financial demands from Foxconn, Apple has […]

“Ruggie Rules” detail corporate behavior abroad

7 04 2013

Of all the challenges posed by globalization, regulating abusive corporate practices has long been particularly difficult. From Asian sweatshops supplying brands like Nike and Apple, to the oil giant Shell polluting and abetting violence in Nigeria, recent decades have been rife with tales of multinationals harming communities in which they operate — usually in low-income, […]

Name and shame: tax transparency plans

4 02 2013

Global giants including Apple and Google will be forced to reveal how much tax they pay the federal government, under a plan to name and shame firms seen to be dodging their responsibilities by using tax havens. The proposed crackdown, announced today, would also clear the way for the government to publish more detail on […]