(English) ESG News Review 18 — 24 January 2014

27 01 2014

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20 01 2014

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Adidas Encourages Factory Workers To Anonymously Text Complaints

6 05 2013

German sports gear maker Adidas said Monday it is encouraging workers in factories of some of its Asian suppliers to anonymously share possible grievances directly with the company via text message. The new hotline service will help bridge the communication gap between management and workers, enabling employees to « simply send an SMS when they feel […]

Nike, Adidas, Puma and rest in pursuit of ultimate sustainable shoe

25 02 2012

It wasn’t for aesthetics alone that Nike this week introduced a running shoe here with a lacework upper that looks more sandal than trainer.  The dirty secret of shoe manufacturing is that it creates waste. A lot of waste. Some of it harmful to the environment.  Nike, Adidas and others are increasingly developing products and […]

Adidas to make €1 trainers

15 11 2009

The move from the company more usually associated with expensive footwear and celebrity sponsorship was inspired by Bangladesh’s Nobel prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of micro-loans which help the poor start their own businesses. He told the company, which has been criticised for exploitation in the developing world, that Bangladesh needed « social businesses » which […]

Adidas, Michelin et Total : l’enquàªte préliminaire est ouverte

2 04 2009

Le procureur de la République de Paris a choisi d’agir vite. Jean-Claude Marin a ouvert, hier, une enquàªte préliminaire pour « blanchiment de fraude fiscale » visant les groupes Michelin, Adidas et Elf, aujourd’hui propriété de Total. Comme « le Parisien »-« Aujourd’hui en France » le révélait mardi, les investigations porteront sur des comptes […]

Olympic sponsor BHP fails to placate Mia Farrow over Darfur

29 04 2008

BHP Billiton has incurred the wrath of campaigners who are now planning a series of demonstrations against the company for its backing of the Beijing Olympics. The mining giant is one of a handful of major corporate sponsors of the Games being targeted by Dream for Darfur – the group led by actress Mia Farrow […]