Covalence offers Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) services to finance professionals, helping them implement responsible investment strategies with ESG ratings, SDG assessments, thematic products, impact stories, and ESG research.

Covalence also provides corporates, academics and non-profits with research and data relying on its EthicalQuote index.

Based in Geneva, Covalence SA was founded in 2001 and has developed an award-winning methodology combining web monitoring, artificial intelligence, and human analysis.

We are signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an institutional partner of Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), a founding member of Swiss Sustainable Finance, and a member of the Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy in Geneva APRÈS-GE.

Sustainable Finance GenevaWe are proud to be featured in the book 10 finance innovations – Geneva, the sustainable finance laboratory published by Sustainable Finance Geneva in 2014. “Sustainable Finance Geneva wished to showcase the work of financial pioneers and present ten emblematic innovations that demonstrate our region’s creativity in this field.

10 finance innovations - Geneva, the sustainable finance laboratoryGeneva-based company Covalence developed in 2001 a methodology for analyzing companies that includes both data released by the company and information published about the company by other sources – such as the media, NGOs, government bodies, etc. This innovation was made possible by the widespread use of the Internet. Covalence considered that it was essential to diversify sources of information to increase the credibility of ratings. As such, the critical perspective of NGOs, trade unions and the media provide a useful addition to those of the companies under scrutiny.More…

Vandaalen & CieWe help investors integrate ESG criteria into their investment decisions and products. For example, since 2016 Covalence has been collaborating with Vandaalen & Cie for the benefit of an AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) is Swiss equities.

Fondation PeaceNexusThe ESG rating system managed by Covalence is particularly well suited for developing thematic sustainable and responsible investment products due to its high degree a granularity. For instance, since 2015 we help the PeaceNexus foundation align its investments to its mission with a groundbreaking thematic investment approach implemented in the Peace Investment Fund.

Sustainable Development GoalsCovalence’s data and ratings can be translated into Sustainable Development Goals such as health, education, gender, energy, water, etc. As an illustration, see this article published in Le Temps: Les Objectifs de développement durables sont une chance pour les entreprises suisses, and this Dukascopy TV interview.

Since 2001 Covalence have been providing over 60 corporations with reputation research, benchmarks, and ESG data visualization tools. The ESG ratings produced by Covalence are also used by academics worldwide for research on ESG performance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the business case of sustainability.

The Journal of Business Ethics The Journal of Business Ethics published an article exploring Covalence data: Changes in the Covalence Ethical Quote, Financial Performance and Financial Reporting Quality. “We find first a significant causal relationship between stock market reactions and changes in the the Covalence Ethical Quote (CEQ). (…) We have tried to make the case that the CEQ measure/ proxy is the best measure capturing firm ethical behavior employed to date.More…

Covalence has received the following recognitions and awards: