Les indices éthiques participent à  la hausse

19 02 2013

Les pressions sur les entreprises exportatrices suisses restent présentes en janvier, comme en témoigne le nouveau recul du baromètre conjoncturel du KOF,qui a cédé 0,24 point à  1.05. Mais la situation serait désormais nettement plus favorable qu’il y a trois mois, à  en croire les résultats des enquàªtes conjoncturelles menées par ce màªme institut directement […]


India gets tough on taxation of transfers within MNCs

18 02 2013

(Reuters) – India is aggressively pursuing tax claims against multinational firms operating in the country as the government seeks to rein in its budget deficit, taking particular aim at IT and back-office functions, tax officials say. It has targeted several multinational companies in recent years for tax audits on transfer-pricing, but over the past 12 […]


Huawei launches Windows phone in Africa

5 02 2013

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has unveiled a bespoke Windows-run smartphone exclusively available in Africa. The customised device is being launched today in partnership with Microsoft as part of its new 4Afrika Initiative. This includes plans to develop cheap wireless broadband in the Rift Valley in Kenya and help local people in South Africa and Egypt […]


Name and shame: tax transparency plans

4 02 2013

Global giants including Apple and Google will be forced to reveal how much tax they pay the federal government, under a plan to name and shame firms seen to be dodging their responsibilities by using tax havens. The proposed crackdown, announced today, would also clear the way for the government to publish more detail on […]