New OECD guidelines to protect human rights and social development

25 05 2011

Ministers from OECD and developing economies will today agree new guidelines to promote more responsible business conduct by multinational enterprises, and a second set of guidance to limit the use of conflict minerals. Forty-two countries will commit to new, tougher standards of corporate behaviour in the updated Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: the 34 OECD countries […]


Cisco in China scandal

24 05 2011

Falungong members are suing Cisco Systems for custom-building “Golden Shield” internet technology used by China to track down devotees of the spiritual movement. Cisco dismissed the case on Monday as being without basis and vowed to “vigorously defend” itself. A lawsuit filed in US federal court in the northern California city of San Jose calls […]


Exploited Dalit Girls Produce Garments in India for European and US Markets

20 05 2011

Companies have taken steps, but exploitation remains widespread. Big garment brands and retailers have their products made under exploitative and unhealthy conditions by girls in Tamil Nadu, South India. The girls, mostly younger than 18 and from a Dalit (‘outcaste’) background are employed under the Sumangali Scheme. In its worst form, this employment scheme stands […]


Puma Puts Financial Value on Environmental Impact

19 05 2011

Puma is the first company in the world to put a value on the ecosystem services it uses to produce its sports shoes and clothes. In a huge leap for CSR, the company has published an economic valuation of the environmental impacts caused by greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and water consumption along its entire supply […]


HSBC Accused of Laundering Money for Mexico Drug Cartels

17 05 2011

The U.S. Justice Departments is reportedly working on a case against HSBC bankers they say have laundered money from Mexican drug gangs. Still at the beginning of the investigation, the Justice Department is building its case against the bank. The investigation began in August of 2010, when the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency […]


UN plots human development with Google

17 05 2011

A collaboration between the UN and Google presents information on the state of the world’s poverty and development in graphics. Working with Google the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has come up with an ingenious tool for plotting and understanding human development indicators across the world. Using Google Public Date Explorer technology it is now […]


Communique de presse sur le rapport relatif au role de glencore dans la jv kamoto copper company (kcc sarl)

13 05 2011

Certaines organisations de la société civile de la RDC oeuvrant dans le domaine des ressources naturelles à  savoir la Nouvelle Dynamique Syndicale(NDS) la Ligue Congolaise de lutte contre la Corruption (LICOCO)Action contre l’impunité et les Droits Humains(ACIDH)la Commission Episcopale pour les ressources naturelles (CERN/CENCO) et Ressources Naturelles et Développement (RND) ont estimé qu’il était impérieux […]


Kazakhstan: Philip Morris International Overhauls Labor Protections

9 05 2011

Philip Morris International’s public commitment on May 9, 2011 to protect the rights of tobacco workers in its global supply chain is an important first step, Human Rights Watch said today. Rigorous independent monitoring will be crucial to realizing full protections for workers, Human Rights Watch said. Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the largest […]


La Chine et le Congo : Des amis dans le besoin

6 05 2011

En septembre 2007, un accord « ressources contre infrastructures » de grande ampleur a été signé entre deux entreprises publiques chinoises de travaux publics et la compagnie d’à‰tat productrice de cuivre de la République démocratique du Congo. L’accord, d’une valeur supérieure au budget de l’à‰tat congolais, était à  l’époque le plus important de ce type […]


Lawsuit accuses Apple, others of fixing worker pay

4 05 2011

A new California lawsuit accuses Apple, Google, Adobe Systems, Intel, and other tech companies of violating antitrust laws by allegedly conspiring to fix employee pay, as well as working out “no solicitation” deals with one another. The suit (PDF), which seeks class action status, was filed today with the California Superior Court in Alameda County […]