Glencore, un géant des matià¨res premià¨res trà¨s controversé

26 04 2011

Alors que Glencore doit entrer en bourse très prochainement, l’entreprise fait l’objet de multiples attaques des ONG concernant ses pratiques en Zambie et en RDC. Cinq associations d’origines franà§aise, suisse, zambienne et canadienne viennent de déposer plainte contre la société pour violation des principes directeurs de l’OCDE dans le cadre de manipulations financières et comptables […]


Siemens Rethinks Nuclear Ambitions

15 04 2011

German engineering giant Siemens AG is considering whether to abandon its goal of becoming a major player in the atomic-power industry, according to people familiar with the matter, as Japan’s nuclear crisis continues to unfold. While top executives at Siemens haven’t made any decisions or proposed a pullback to its supervisory board, they have been […]


Google Invests in World’s Largest Solar Power Tower Plant

12 04 2011

Google has just sealed a deal to invest $168 million in a Mojave Desert solar energy plant. The investment is going to BrightSource Energy, a company that developes and operates large-scale solar power plants, specifically to fund its Ivanpah project. Ivanpah is a solar electric generating system that uses solar thermal technology and “an environmentally […]


Dell plans pilot program for mushroom-based packaging

7 04 2011

The packaging for your next computer could be grown, not manufactured. Dell has announced it will be the first technology company to ship a product in an organic, mushroom-based packaging material, which covered last year. The biotechnology design uses agricultural waste, like cotton seed, wood fiber and buckwheat hulls, placed in a mould and […]