Ben & Jerry’s Becomes Biofuel Source

30 01 2011

Milk, cream, proteins, syrups and pieces of fruit—all are are part of the waste stream of ice-cream factories, and soon, at a Ben and Jerry’s factory in the Netherlands, they’ll all help to produce green power. How? Via billions of “little bugs” that gobble up these goodies and produce biogas. A green bio-digester—developed by Paques […]


UN Secretary-General Launches New Platform for Corporate Sustainability Leadership

28 01 2011

Group of 54 Companies Makes Historic Commitment to Adopt Ambitious Sustainability Roadmap and Demonstrate Leadership in Tackling Global Challenges. Underscoring the role of business in addressing global threats – from climate change to widespread poverty or humanitarian emergencies – a group of chief executives joined UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos/Switzerland today for the launch […]


Nike and Kimberly-Clark lead the corporate pack on forest sustainability

27 01 2011

Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD), which asks international companies to reveal their impact on forests around the world, has released their second review. From biofuels to travel to media, FFD named corporate leaders in 19 categories, including Kimberly Clark for Personal-Household products and Nike for Clothing, Accessories and Footwear. “Kimberly-Clark has been integrating sustainability into all […]


BHP donates extra $10m for Queensland flood relief

24 01 2011

BHP Billiton has increased its donation to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal to $11 million. The mining giant tipped in a further $10 million yesterday, on top of the $1 million announced by the company earlier this month. It adds to the volunteer efforts of BHP staff based in regional Queensland. Advertisement: Story continues […]


Les multinationales contraintes par un plan anti-corruption

14 01 2011

Plusieurs grands groupes s’appràªtent à  annoncer des plans anti-corruption dans les prochains jours. Une réponse à  une loi anglaise, prévue pour avril prochain, qui durcit les poursuites à  l’encontre des maisons-mères n’ayant pas de dispositif de prévention adéquat. En France, Total va lancer un vaste dispositif dans toutes ses filiales du globe. L’initiative  de Total […]


Activist manager sells Cisco shares on rights concerns

12 01 2011

Activist investor Boston Common Asset Management LLC said that it has sold most of the 167,000 shares it held in Cisco Systems Inc, capping a lengthy dispute with the company over its human rights record. Cisco is among a number of technology companies that have tangled with human rights groups in recent years over sales […]


Credit Suisse to enforce charitable donations

10 01 2011

Credit Suisse has become the first bank to force its staff to make compulsory charitable donations, with several hundred US managing directors directed to give 2.5 per cent of their 2010 bonuses to good causes. The Swiss bank, which estimated the scheme would raise up to $30m for charity, said it would only apply in […]