Bangladesh increases garment workers’ minimum wage

27 07 2010

Bangladesh will almost double the minimum wage for its garment workers, a wage board official says, following months of violent protests over pay. It will rise from 1,662 taka ($25; £16) per month to 3,000 taka. The labour ministry is to formally announce the deal on Thursday. Workers wanted the rate, last raised in 2006, […]


Pressured, Nike to Help Workers in Honduras

26 07 2010

Facing pressure from universities and student groups, the apparel maker Nike announced on Monday that it would pay $1.54 million to help 1,800 workers in Honduras who lost their jobs when two subcontractors closed their factories. Nike agreed to the payment after several universities and a nationwide group, United Students Against Sweatshops, pressed it to […]


Minerais de sang, des entreprises européennes dans le collimateur de Global Witness

22 07 2010

Global Witness dénonce les liens entre certaines entreprises et les groupes armés au Kivu. Dans un communiqué publié mercredi 21 juillet, cette ONG britannique cite des sociétés asiatiques, belges et britanniques qu’elle accuse d’entretenir les conflits dans l’Est de la RDC en finanà§ant, par l’achat des minerais, les activités des groupes armés dans cette partie […]


Les groupes armés de RDCongo visés par la réforme de Wall Street

16 07 2010

WASHINGTON (AFP) – La réforme de Wall Street, bientôt promulguée par le président américain Barack Obama, contient une disposition visant à  couper les vivres aux groupes armés qui s’enrichissent grà¢ce au commerce de métaux servant à  fabriquer des produits de haute technologie. La mesure, insérée dans la masse de plus de 2.300 pages du projet […]


Working Conditions vs. Green Products – Covalence EthicalQuote Ranking Q2 2010

7 07 2010

During the last quarter many criticisms have been registered in the Working Conditions criteria group, which registers the poorer positive / negative ratio (0.6) — the most active criteria in this group were Labour Standards and Wages. On the other side, the Impact of Product criteria group received the most compliments and the highest ratio […]


Chinese Working Conditions Raised … Along With the Price of Gadgets?

6 07 2010

The worker’s environment in Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn has been a sticky issue for Apple’s PR department, but it’s also highlighted one big fact: If Western firms stick with Chinese sources, gadgets will get more expensive. This is the thrust of a piece at the New York Times, which starts by looking at the reports […]