Merck Wins Appeal of First VIOXX Case to go to Trial

29 05 2008

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J., May 29, 2008 – Merck & Co., Inc. said today that it is gratified that a Texas appeals court overturned the August 2005 verdict of a state court jury in Brazoria County and rendered a judgment in favor of Merck in the VIOXX product liability case Ernst v. Merck. It was the […]


Le Groupe Forrest ouvre ses livres

29 05 2008

Après avoir fait couler encre et salive en fin d’année dernière, en raison des atermoiements du gouvernement pour leur publication, les conclusions de la commission mixte Gouvernement-Société Civile chargée de revisiter les contrats miniers en République Démocratique du Congo ont finalement été communiquées à  l’opinion au mois de mars de l’année en cours. Les résultats […]


Siemens AG top exec admits heading a department in charge of bribery and corruption

28 05 2008

Munich – A former Siemens AG executive Reinhard Siekaczek, has confessed to being in-charge of a departmental unit within the engineering firm with the sole purpose of providing bribes to government officials in several countries including Nigeria, to secure lucrative contracts. Mr. Siekaczek made the confession at a Munich court hearing the corruption charge brought […]


Eli Lilly Adds Support for Drug Transparency Laws

27 05 2008

Amid increasing governmental and professional concerns about payments to physicians by pharmaceutical companies, major drug manufacturer Eli Lilly announced its support for legislation to increase public trust in the healthcare industry. Independent studies have shown a significant financial link between the drug industry and practicing physicians. Ninety-four percent of doctors reported that they have some […]


GAIN Business Alliance Global Forum – Report

23 05 2008

“Growing GAIN” addressed how to deliver inclusive and sustainable business solutions that improve nutrition, and create a deeper understanding on what the main investment hurdles and constraints are in fighting malnutrition at the global and local level. The 2nd Forum of the GAIN Business Alliance was co-organized with the World Bank Institute (WBI), and brought […]


La Rd-Congo attire de plus en plus d’investisseurs : Anglo-American s’intéresse aux métaux de base

22 05 2008

Le secteur des mines en République démocratique du Congo (RDC) continue à  susciter la convoitise des multinationales à  travers le monde. Anglo-American, une société à  capitaux mixtes britanniques et américains qui a fait ses preuves dans plusieurs pays notamment en Afrique du Sud, au Zimbabwe, au Brésil, Chili… est la dernière en date à  s’intéresser […]


Nokia to launch 40 phone models with biodegradable components

21 05 2008

Nokia is planning to launch around 40 new green phone models this year – each comprising biodegradable components that can be easily recycled. Mobile phones are not biodegradable. They contain small amounts of potentially harmful substances such as cadmium, lithium, among others, in their batteries which, if not managed properly, can damage the environment. D […]


Halliburton Co. Shareholders Will Vote, two Human Rights Resolutions Wednesday

21 05 2008

Halliburton Company shareholders – with the firm facing bribery charges worldwide – will vote on two shareholder-authored proposals Wednesday that address the corporation’s mishandling of human rights questions, including the rape of one of its employees in Iraq. Harrington Investments CEO, John Harrington, will present a proposal to amend the corporate bylaws by creating a […]


Cisco Systems document cites China censorship goal

20 05 2008

A Senate subcommittee on Tuesday is expected to question a Cisco Systems Inc. executive about an internal 2002 document that includes a reference to censoring “hostiles” in describing the Chinese government’s technology position and goals. Representatives from Cisco, Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. are expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary’s human rights subcommittee, which […]


Clothes giant plans female only store in Saudi Arabia

19 05 2008

H&M, the Swedish retailer, will open the first women-only department store in Saudi Arabia as part of moves to bring more women into the country’s workforce. The store, which will be H&M’s first in the country, will be staffed entirely by women in what is understood to be a landmark concession by the Saudi Government. […]