Yahoo to aid Chinese dissidents

28 03 2008

Yahoo Inc., under fire from civil-rights groups for its indirect role in human rights abuses in China, is answering critics by setting up a fund to give victims of government censorship legal and other assistance. The webco has been charged with complicity in the jailing and torture of Chinese dissidents, and this week was criticized […]


Le patron de Novartis s’exprime sur la responsabilité sociale des entreprises

27 03 2008

Comme catholique croyant, Daniel Vasella, président du Conseil d’administration de Novartis SA, s’est exprimé à  Lucerne sur la responsabilité sociale d’une grande entreprise comme la sienne et sur ses engagements en faveur du tiers-monde. La conférence a suscité un vif intéràªt: non seulement en raison du thème de la responsabilité dans les domaines politique et […]


Tibet’s Lithium

25 03 2008

As of the end of 2005 there were something like 2 billion cell phones in service worldwide. Certainly there are more than that now. Without lithium batteries cell phones would be a completely different animal. Bigger and heavier, you wouldn’t be stuffing one into a pant’s pocket. Now that the standard is set the cell […]


Interfaith Body Partnership with LWF and Global Nutrition Company Provides Clean Water to Thousands in Rwanda

20 03 2008

A community water project inaugurated in Rwanda’s eastern district of Kirehe, offers a new model of cooperation between religious communities and public and private sectors in pursuit of human development and peace. “This is a historic milestone for interfaith cooperation and public and private partnerships in Africa,” remarked Rev. Dr Ishmael Noko, General Secretary of […]


Free eye operations for 1,000 people in North Vietnam

17 03 2008

The International Trachoma Initiative (ITI) and Spanish Pfizer Inc. will jointly carry out free operations on 1,000 trachoma patients in Hai Duong Province from March 10 to 20. Eight volunteer doctors from Pfizer Inc. will perform the surgery in cooperation with the Social Diseases Prevention Center in the northern province. Each operation was estimated to […]


Sanctions on Myanmar may take sparkle out of Thai jewellery

17 03 2008

BANGKOK: Thai jewellers are buying highly coveted rubies and jade at an official auction this week in Myanmar, which supplies stones for the kingdom are booming, multi-billion-dollar jewellery industry. But once they cut and set the gems, they could face problems selling them as companies and western governments move to ban trade in precious stones […]


Le ministre Endundo réagit à  l’interception par Geenpeace d’un cargo chinois de bois des sociétés Siforco et Sodefor

15 03 2008

Cette cargaison provenait de la RDC, plus précisément de la province de l’Equateur à  destination d’Anvers et de Caen. Il est marqué par “Greenpeace” sur le cargo chinois « bois pillé » . C’est depuis le 9 mars que la France a ordonné son déchargement. Selon le chargé de campagne foràªt à  “Greenpeace”, Grégoire Lejonc, […]


Les tarifs d’électricité vont baisser de 16 pour cent au Cameroun

14 03 2008

La «prime fixe», instaurée par l’opérateur d’électricité AES-SONEL filiale du groupe américain, AES-Corporation, et qui alourdissait les factures des ménages de l’ordre de 16 pour cent, va àªtre supprimée dans les prochains jours au Cameroun… Cette décision est intervenue jeudi dans la nuit, au terme d’une concertation entre les responsables de cette entreprise et le […]


Wal-Mart: “We Are Not Green”

13 03 2008

Lee Scott Jr. has earned a reputation as something of an environmental guru for actions he has taken over the past few years in getting Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to green up its act. But this morning at the ECO:nomics conference in California, the president and CEO of the retail giant took some attendees aback by […]


Wal-Mart pushing Chinese suppliers to go green

13 03 2008

Wal-Mart Stores Inc will meet with its thousands of Chinese suppliers this fall as part of a big push to reduce waste and emissions at factories that make its products, Chief Executive Lee Scott said on Thursday. “We started a very aggressive program in China that is not only going to deal with environmental sustainability, […]